Electric Pocket Radio

Ron Fountainberry once was a substitute schoolteacher and is now the pulsating soul of The Incredible Moses Leroy.
The new album Electric Pocket Radio is a variety of ear candy similar to the amounts of real candy that Todd
Ahsmann/Ultimatum has stashed on him 24/7. For this track, the Casio quirkiness helps give the Incredible one a
direction that will always end up in one secure place?smileyville. Joey Waronker (REM, Beck) produced some tracks
and hit some skins. Waronker was music supervisor for the indie flick Chuck And Buck, whose musical vibe shares a
striking similarity to this project. This is a joyful adventure to create music and happiness at the same time. While
listening to "Fuzzy" you better keep an eye on your front door, making sure that Mr. Candyman himself doesn?t
come in and?well you know.

The Incredible Moses Leroy
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Electric Pocket Radio