KISS - You Wanted the best, You Got the Best...or did you?

I have been a die hard dedicated KISS fan since 1979. I went to my first show in 1979 at the Nassau Coliseum on the Dynasty tour, I was 9 yrs old. My entire room was covered in posters, wall to wall. I also had every KISS LP, 8 track, and toy on the market. I have since dressed up as a KISS member numerous occasions on Halloween including Halloween 2 years a go with my wife. I still own most of the KISS albums on LP including a white label promo LP copy of their first album. I believe and always have believed that this band has always been 100% about the fans ñ no ifs, ands or buts about it.

Sure in the 80ís when they took off the makeup it wasnít the same ñ but ok, I stuck by them for the most part. In 1996 the unthinkable - a KISS reunion tour AND in full makeup?!!! The four original members truly made this the icing on the cake and I went IN MAKEUP.
If that wasnít enough, the following year a new studio album and a 3-D tour in makeup and I attended in makeup as well. Wow this was unreal, a great time for KISS fans.
Soon the inevitable occurred, a farewell tour - original members in makeup. A perfect ending to one of the greatest rock n roll bands ever, and yes, I dressed up as Gene Simmons one last time.

So that brings me to today a very sad day. In 1996 Ace Frehley said "The magic is back" when they got together for the reunion tour in makeup ñ but, was it really? Little did we know that the same bickering from the 70ís would start all over again between Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter. It wasnít bad enough that Gene and Paul are raking in millions on the tour vs Ace and Peterís mere 200,000 a week ñ and we could only imagine what else they are being excluded from (merchandise etc..) They successfully made it thru all the US dates, but what about the rest of the world? Well they have to see 2 other people dressed up in Ace and Peterís makeup. Thatís right ñ after conflicts within, Ace and Peter are now out of the band and for the rest of the farewell tour.

Gene and Paul called upon the old drummer, Eric Singer to step into Peterís role ñ literally. This photo is the first photo of Eric Singer dressed up as Peter Criss. Folks ñ this is as low as it goes. These 4 guys couldnít suck it up and finish the tour together? I mean come on ñ the only time they spend together is on stage ñ other wise they barely spoke to each other or even hung out with each other. Why then ñ if this band is about the fans and if Gene and Paul are making practically all the dough , couldnít they just bite the bullet and not let the egos get in the way. Now these poor fans in the rest of the world have to see Gene , Paul and an Ace and Peter imposter. This photo is Eric Singer as Peter Criss. What will they say after the drum solo, "Eric Singer as Peter Criss on the drums!"?
A sad day ñ folks ñ If I wanted KISS lookalikes ñ I would see a tribute band down at the Continental here in NYC. A sad day for the KISS Army and all KISS fans around the world. You wanted the best well, youíre not getting them this time around ñ youíre getting half.

KISS - You Wanted the best, You Got the Best...or did you?