Grammys Pre-Show Rewind

The 43rd annual Grammy pre-shows were a wild ride. MTV had a pretty cool pre-show with John Norris floundering around the star-studded red carpet, Eve, Sway, and Chris Connelly chilling in the backstage area, and the new guy Gideon inside the Staples Center. MTV was on point with their music news, asking Rage Against The Machine if Chris Cornell was their new singer. Tom Morello mentioned that they had jammed and made some amazing music together, but we will have to wait and see.

The VJís and celebrity guests were so professional in their approach to the interviews, that it made the show run smooth and made it fun to watch. Kid Rock showed up with his mom, Scott Weiland and Anthony Kiedis teased each other about their uncanny resemblance to Jim Morrison and Iggy Pop, and Busta Rhymes' hair looked friggin looney toons.

VH1 decided to do their own pre-show, which was atrocious. They teamed up with CBS and both channels simulcast the show. CBS used their top-notch stars (and Tony Danza) to interview people. Everyone from CBS handled the interviews like 4 year old children, scared and wetting their pants. It was ridiculous. Bottom line for the pre-show, was that MTV was on point and always are. Good job.

Source: Grammy Mammys

Grammys Pre-Show Rewind