NY Knicks Height Restriction

Did I read this correctly in the NY papers this morning? Did the NY Knicks acquire Mark Jackson and Muggsy Bogues? Is this really happening? Wasn't there a missing paragraph that was supposed to say that in their contracts - Muggsy has to play on Mark Jackson's shoulders every game. I mean weren't we looking for height. Folks I am a bit confused here and you know what - I am also a little upset. Sure Mark Jackson was once a NY Knick and sure my sister named her dog JACKSON after him, but that was a long time a go. That was before he put on an Indiana jersey and came back to the garden to do all of that bullshit cocky shake and bake nonsense with his shoulders. I was beginning to get used to my dislike for this guy.

Tonight when I go to see the Knicks play Phoenix at the Garden - I gotta root for him - and some other cat who doesn't meet the height requirement for the carousel in Central Park!
Please...I am not feeling it and don't understand it.

There is no question - we are in need of a NY Basketball championship, and we are in need of players (did that Ewing trade ever pay off for us yet, I forgot? zzzzzzz, yawn) But was this the right move? Tonight when I am at the Garden - in addition to trying to get Woody Allen to sign one of his first comedy LPs for me, I will be torn. Torn at the fact whether I should root for that shake and bake chicken Mark Jackson, or let by gones be by gones. I am not sure, maybe Woody can help me explain this trade. Next week we should see if Marvin Webster has a year left in him.

NY Knicks Height Restriction