Katie Holmes: Supersonicstar

Katie Holmes is cayenne pepper laced with fire that will burn your eyes right out of the socket. She hails from the planet "Holyshitishehot", and her astounding presence must have
made the ratings for this past weekendís Saturday Night Live shoot through the roof. Katie Holmes was incredibly gorgeous, very funny, and an all around A plus host. Most of the celebrities who host the show are lame. From the opening tap dance battle with Will Ferrell, Holmes showered the audience with her sultry and extremely provocative attire that most teenagers are not used to seeing on Dawsonís Creek.

Katie Holmes stood about 10 feet tall, with legs that went all the way up to her throat. Most of the time the actress is dressed in baggy clothes and is extremely shy and cautious as "Joey" on Dawsonís Creek. But this week Holmesí stock skyrocketed, and now I have to go and find where The Gift is playing. Holmes has two nude scenes in the movie and I cannot go another second without seeing this flick now. I checked the local paper and cannot find it anywhere. This sucks. When it came out I did not realize the magnitude of these important scenes to the world of film as we know it. I gotta check this film - NOW!

This in no way is some sort of hormone driven piece or maybe that is all it is, but the point remains ñ Katie Holmes is unbelievable. She has recently been romanticlly linked to the young Keanu Reeves impersonator Chris Klein and recently dated Joshua Williams.

P.S. Drew Barrymore there is no need to get jealous. There is enough Anfinsen pie to go around.

Source: Jason Anfinsen

Katie Holmes: Supersonicstar