Candle in the Wind III: Eminem and Elton John

I don't ask for much in this crazy life, I'm a good person, I pay my taxes Ö all I really want is for Elton John to leave me the hell alone. I mean, I survived (barely) his whole nausea-inducing "Candle in the Wind" re-write for Princess Di a few years back, but now, this?-- According to the National Academy Of Recording Arts And Sciences, which helms the Grammys, a recording of the extremely anticlimactic, over-hyped, and manipulative collaboration between Sir Elton and Eminem last week at the Grammys will be released as a singleÖ

with part of the proceeds going to MusiCares, an Academy program which offers musicians emergency financial aid and help in treating substance addictions. Now, all charity aspects aside (which excuses nothing!), this is just another ridiculous money-grubbing ploy to sell a poor product to the (seemingly) mindless masses, and again, it involves Elton John! Coincidence??? I wonder.

Now, "Stan" is a great song, in fact, a much superior version is already out as a single (who knew how much I could desperately pine for Sarah-McLachlan-wannabe, Dido?!?), but still, there's money to be made! The Academy and music industry is trying to market this song to the politically correct crowd as a symbolic step for human rightsó"ooh, look Ö big gay Elton John is duetting with hardcore homophobe Eminem Ö look how far we've come!?! Isn't it great!" Whatever. Here's what happened -- Someone at Eminem's record label told him that because of the bruhaha GLADD (Gay and Lesbians Against Defamation something or other) was making over his lyrics, he had to wave the white flag by duetting with openly gay Elton at the high-profile Grammys. That way, he would continue selling truckloads of records to the PC Grammy folk, and everyone could leave the awards with warm fuzzies. And so Eminem did what he was pressured to do, and then flipped off the entire audience after a clearly forced hug between the two.
And Elton gets suddenly thrust back into the CD-buying public's view (reminiscent of the Princess Di scam) for participating in the "very controversial" collaboration. Maybe even some mislead youngsters will fork over some cash to buy the Lion King soundtrack because they saw Elton John on stage with their hero, Eminem. There's more money to be made.

I'm not stupid, I understand that this is a business and selling product is good for everyone and that's the way it goes, but don't sell me this shit about Eminem and Elton coming together as some symbolic gesture. It was choreographed, planned by people pulling the strings, and it is about nothing but money. Period.

Source: Ann Bowles

Candle in the Wind III: Eminem and Elton John