Just Backward of Square

One of my favorite acts of the year, this lot. Lowgold finally release their debut album
on Nude and it's quite special. Combining elements of Neil Young, Built To
Spill and Red House Painters this UK quartet sound more American than British.
Part of the burgeoning NAM (New Acoustic Movement) in Britain, Lowgold are
tunesmiths in a 1970s AM radio kind of way, all jangly guitars and slightly twangy vocals.
While the songs may not involve any shouting, what most tracks do have is a discernible hook, a seeming rarity these days. Guitar-playing
frontman Darren Ford's arrangements and heartfelt vocal delivery help to separate
Lowgold from the pack and with standout tracks like "Mercury", "Beauty Dies Young"
and debut single "In Amber", the band should stay out in front for a time to come.


Just Backward of Square