New Order Actually Recording Shocker

Seminal UK alternative act New Order are poised for a triumphant return to the world
scene with an album set for release in September. The band, dormant for seven years as
New Order, save for last year's "Brutal" on the stellar soundtrack to The Beach, have recorded 17 tracks to cull the album from. Bassist Peter Hook, he of the highly
recognizable bass sound, states that the album is quite reminiscent of his side project,
Monaco, and that the album is "a lot more guitarry than previously." A guitar-heavy
sound would be par for the course, actually, as Hook's side project is guitar oriented, as is lead
singer and guitarist Bernard Sumner's other act, Electronic, which also features
ex-Smiths axe maestro Johnny Marr.

The band, who have remained musically active in side projects since the last New Order
record, Republic, in 1993, with the aforementioned Electronic and
Monaco, as well as the other two members of the band, Stephen Morris and
Gillian Gilbert in the brilliantly monikered Other Two, have almost completed
the album, under the guidance of uber-producer Steve Osbourne. Some of the projected
titles for songs include "Dream On," "Crystal," and "60 MPH." A UK tour is expected to
follow for the outfit that rose from the ashes of Joy Division, and, hopefully a US tour
after that.

Source: Pitchfork

New Order Actually Recording Shocker