Courtney Love Tries To Go Punk

Courtney Love still thinks she is punk. For some god-awful reason, the "singer / actress" has been in talks with Epitaph to assemble and front a "really fun one-off" super female punk rock outfit. Love who has fought and harassed real punkers in the past like Mary Lou Lord and Kathleen Hanna, needs to be in the spotlight at all times, even if it means being a bigger poser than she already is. This news comes officially from Loveís web site and Epitaph has not made an official statement about this potential mistake.

According to the LA Times, Courtney Love will appear in Los Angeles County
Superior Court today for a hearing in her contractual dispute with Vivendi Universal. Love is trying to break her contract with the label and was quoted in the paper as saying she could become "the music industry's worst nightmare" as the case progresses.
"I could end up being the music industry's worst nightmare: a smart gal with a fat bank
account who is unafraid to go down in flames fighting for a principle...I'm ready to take this thing all the way to the Supreme Court."


Courtney Love Tries To Go Punk