Foo Fighters Taking a Break To Write Next Record

The Foo Fighters have assembled and are hunkering down for the next few months to
write their fourth album. The band, who have been a touring juggernaut and have been rocking
out live for 16 months straight, figure they need a bit of a respite and need to "write more than
the 22 songs we play every night of our f---in' lives," said frontman Dave Grohl. Consequently,
they will be holed up for the duration writing and recording at their studio in Grohl's

The Foos have also been mad award recipients lately, with Grohl winning
Gibson Guitars' Best Male Rock Guitarist, and the band picking up two Grammys, for Best
Rock Album for There Is Nothing Left To Lose (although it came out in 1999) and Best
Short Form Video for "Learn To Fly." Maybe they deserve that time off after all...

Source: SonicNet

Foo Fighters Taking a Break To Write Next Record