So Why So Sad

Those silly Manic Street Preachers. First, they show off their political underpinnings
and go and play a show in Cuba, in front of none other than Fidel Castro himself
(whatever happened to that ban on evil Western rock music, bearded one?). Then they release
two different singles on the same day. Such wacky kids. The second single "So Why So Sad"
is nothing like its fraternal twin "Found That Soul." "So Why So Sad" has the Manics
jumping in a time machine set for the '60s and landing in the Beach Boys studios
during a recording session. "So Why So Sad" is all sunny and summery, with constant '60s
style backing vocals and a harpsichordy guitar line. Singer James Dean Bradfield even
borrows from himself, with parts of the vocal line sounding dangerous similar to his duet with
Traci Lords from 1992's "Little Baby Nothing." Though, if you can't steal from
yourself, who can you steal from?

Manic Street Preachers
Epic (UK)

So Why So Sad