Radiohead, Oasis, U2 make Rich List

Just in case you were curious about exactly how filthy stinking poor you are in comparison to some of the UK's bigger rock names, the London Sunday Mirror has released it's latest "British Rich List" (for 2000) for your reading enjoyment. Hmmm, let's see, we've got U2 at #12 generating a cool $9.5 mil last year. There's Gavin Rossdale of Bush (who the hell is buying their records?!?) and Sting tied for #13, having both made $9 million last year. Oasis and Radiohead round out the top 20 with a measly $7 and $6.5 million

It should be no surprise, really, that the #1 spot on the rich list goes to Ö the Beatles - last year alone the band (that hasn't been a band for decades) made $50 million. And as always, those Rolling Stones just miss the mark, coming in #2 at $38 million despite the fact that they did not tour or put out any new material.


Radiohead, Oasis, U2 make Rich List