Series 7: Coming Soon to a Network Near You

Ok, forget Hannibal and all that other scary fantasy shit, and let's get real (well, sort ofÖ). Last night, I saw a movie that takes Survivor (and the whole reality TV phenomenon) just a few steps further, and lets it play out to its most grotesque conclusion.
The hysterical, and disturbing, Series 7, depicts a "reality based TV show" called The Contenders, on which 6 people (chosen by lottery) are given firearms, followed around 24/7 by cameramen, and given one mission: the last person standing gets the big prize (the big prize being that you're not dead).

The main character, Dawn (Brooke Smith), is the returning Contender, having slaughtered several people to get through previous rounds. Besides just, you know, not wanting to get killed, she also has another reason to survive ñ she's eight months preggers. The other contenders are new to the show, and all determined to live (well, except the guy with testicular cancerÖ) and all of America watches from their living room as they face off against each other and get offed one by one.

What makes this movie great is that it's really funny, and really disturbing, and really not that outrageous a premise given our taste for voyeurism. Hell, if Temptation Island can be a huge hit, The Contenders might not be that far behind. Scary.

Source: Ann Bowles

Series 7: Coming Soon to a Network Near You