"Introverted" Bjork Returns With Vespertine

Icelandic Keebler elf queen Bjork's cathartic return to recording is set for May 22, with
the release of her fourth album, Vespertine. The joyous little imp, who took three years
off to ply her other trade of acting, performing brilliantly in "Dancer In The Dark," is ready for a
return to being a musician full time. She stated, "it's a relief for me after three years of doing the
film to be back doing songs that are in my head: the same thing is happening on the outside as
on the inside."

The album, which was recorded, in a very Bjork-ian manner all over the globe, in locales
such as London, Iceland, Denmark, Spain and in the US in New York, is designed to be the opposite of
1997's Homogenic. She felt that as her last album was dramatic, this one is quiet and
"introverted". Mark Bell, who has worked with Bjork before, contributed to the
project, as did Matador recording artists, Matmos , a San Francisco electronic pair, who
will also be the opening act on Bjork's upcoming Vespertine tour.

Source: Sonicnet

"Introverted" Bjork Returns With Vespertine