Sopranos Premiere - Fuggitt Bout It

HBO definitely stepped up to the plate Sunday night and hit 2 long ball home runs with the two hour season premiere of The Sopranos. Reformatted in wide screen mode, the most anticipated cable show of the year delivered a right cross to the jaw of loyal and anxious viewers. The opening moments caught us up to speed, reliving last yearís chaotic moments which included the attempted murder of Christopher, Big Pussy and Richie Aprile getting clipped, and Meadow heading off to Columbia college. Bold and riveting camera shots, jaw dropping acting, and writing that would send Shakespeare back to the drawing board, makes The Sopranos the best goddamn thing to happen since I lost my virginity.

Granted like the time that I lost my virginity, there was some high as well as lowlights to the experience. The computer-animated attempt at Tonyís mother was worse than Jar Jar Binks. I mean the poor woman shot every scene on the show, teetering on the fence of life and death and unfortunately died last summer while the show was on hiatus. They quickly wrote her character off and now we can move on, but splicing sound clips from previous episodes was lame. Letís digress.

The FBI is closing in on Tony and the entire first episode focused on the boys in blue and their attempt to "bug" the mobsterís New Jersey home. The mixing of Peter Gunn Theme with Every Breath You Take by The Police was fucking King with a huge crown of pristine jewels.

James Gondolfini sported a shorter haircut (courtesy of his role in the Mexican) and dropped a couple of pounds as well. This season looks to be the action packed roller coaster everyone paid his or her overpriced cable bill for. The wide screen makes the show so much better, the introduction of the new characters like Joe Pantalioni is a refreshing addition (you know this guy is getting whacked in three episodes), and Meadow Soprano is hot. So is Adrianna (Christopherís girlfriend) who might be getting picked up by her new female tennis instructor.

Here is the final question kid ñ did you blink, or did you see the quick shot of Big Pussy in the mirror at the Soprano house during the wake? I did.

Source: Jason Anfinsen

Sopranos Premiere - Fuggitt Bout It