Aussie Invasion Due For May & June?

The Aussies are coming! The Aussies are coming! They're not exactly posing the same threat
as their British brethren, but what did you expect? This time it's not the Redcoats, but it is a
reformed INXS, Midnight Oil, and Men At Work all rumored to be coming to our
shores in a wondrous package tour. There are still the niggling confirmation problems,
however. The three bands are all on a schedule for May 28 in Atlanta, but INXS'
website claims it is unconfirmed, although they do admit there will be a US tour this summer.
Visits to the other bands' sites show plans for May and June tours of the States as well. No
mention as to whether vegemite will be available at snack bars as of yet.

In other INXS news, the band will have a 2CD greatest hits release hit the shelves on
June 5. Rhino Records will provide this lovely addition to the sales racks and the compilation
will contain all the hits, as well as rarities, material never released in the States and b-sides.

Source: Allstar

Aussie Invasion Due For May & June?