Napster Facing Legal Ultimatum

The bitch slap has finally come from on high. U.S. District Judge Marilyn Patel has
ruled that the major labels must provide a list of all copyrighted songs under their jurisdiction
that they would like removed from Napster, and Napster has 72 hours to eliminate all of the listed
tracks. Napster CEO Hank Barry has announced that the company will follow the letter
of the ruling. However, he also stated that Napster would continue to try and strike an
agreement with the labels to allow the file sharing system to continue as normal.

As expected, the Recording Industry Association of America was ecstatic over the news. "We
are gratified the District Court acted so promptly in issuing its injunction requiring Napster to
remove infringing works from its system," president Hilary Rosen exclaimed. "We
intend to provide the notifications prescribed by the Court expeditiously, and look forward to the
end of Napster's infringing activity." Most industry insiders, however, scoff at Napster's offered
filtering system, accusing Napster of just using it to buy time, and that their attempts at filtering
would not block out the requisite tracks. Like a championship tennis match, his battle looks set
to rage for months, going back and forth until someone collapses...

Source: Spin

Napster Facing Legal Ultimatum