TV Trailers at the Movies

The experience of going to the movies has hopefully always been a fun, magical, entertaining and enjoyable experience. This is the way it should be - 2 hours of escaping reality, 2 hours of being transported to another place and time and maybe even living out fantasies through your heroes up on screen. The experience actually begins even before you sit down in the theatre, as you buy your candy and smell the fresh popcorn being popped in the lobby and seeing all the "COMING SOON" movie posters of your most anticipated new film releases. Last night something happened that pissed me off, please allow me to share.

Now this experience is sacred, and only something you can get at the local indy movie house or if you're lucky, one of these 20 plex Disney-World-esque style IMAX theatres that keep you entertained as you walk through every inch of the place. Fine, more fun for us. I mean with movie prices at $10 a ticket in NY City, there better be more movie magic in the lobbies of these theatres. That's right - $10 a ticket in NY City (I paid $2.50 for a ticket to see Star Wars in 1977).

Why then, after I pay $10 and I worship my movie experience, do I have to sit down in the MOVIE theatre and watch TV commercials? I almost walked out of the theatre last night after 3 dumb TV commercials came on before the 2 trailers (and if you think I am mentioning the companies - no way!!) 2 trailers. I remember the days when there were 7 or 8 trailers and shit, I loved this: the more the merrier man! But you want to start running those dumb :30 TV spots where I all of a sudden feel like I am back home on the couch in my fucking PJ's? This is a sad day folks when our movie experience has to be tampered with. Yes there are occasional boos and hisses when these spots come up as there should be, but we need to take it to the next extreme - we need to throw things at the screen.

Please..and don't tell me there is more money to be made and don't give me the more exposure for you TV spots garbage - a move theatre is a movie theatre period! Now cut this shit out and leave all your junk TV spots at home on the 30 inch screen not the IMAX screen. It really ruins one of the last great American entertainment experiences we have left. Please do not screw with this, or my child, who is 2 now, by 14 will be going to the movie theatre to watch an episode of Friends.

TV Trailers at the Movies