Live: Sounds of Om Tour 2001

Om Records kicked off its Sounds of Om 2001 tour March 8 in Chicago. A well received homecoming for the headliner, pioneering deep house DJ Mark Farina, accompanied with the celestial sound of Soulstice, and the enticing tribal rhythm of Afro-Mystik. The East Coast tour is scheduled to hit nine cities in two countries with thousands of beat-thirsty heads finding satisfaction with Omís efforts.

After a provocative and bass-heavy house warm up session by Mike Steele, the 4 piece live Afro-Mystik took total control of the stage. Tribal rhythms mixed with live instrumentation and layered with captivating vocals are that which is Afro-Mystik. Simone White, from Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy and Omar Sasa, drummed funky beats that were the backbone to percussionist Jason Kadlecís rhythms, Chris Smithís AKA DJ Fluidís sample-savvy production, and Omega Brooksí seductive vocals. " I love the way we sway, to the melody, so naturally." A newly flavored primitive sound of dance music.

The time-groove continuum was felt with the sounds coming from Soulstice. Unquestionably alive, Soulsticeís music bursts with echoes of the past while remaining transfixed on the possibilities of tomorrow. The band, Gabriel Rene and Andy Caldwell, handling keyboards and samplers, Mei-Lwun Yee flexing his wrists on the Turntables, a cosmically-driven guitarist, a bass-in-your-face bassist, a funky-for-sure drummer, and the heavenly while sultry sounds of vocalist Gina Rene emulate ensemble at its finest. "I am not alone. "Soulstice captures the groove within us all, from bass heavy down-tempo jams to rhythmic and ethereal dance beats accompanied with the voice of Heaven.

Last up for the evening was DJ Mark Farina. Well known for his down-tempo dance floor jazz style in the Mushroom Jazz series, Farina brought it back to Deep House for the native Chicago heads. Dancing room became sparse as he lit up the 1ís and 2ís with his head-nodding mixes. He gave a little piece of himself to all the breakers, candy-kids, b-boys, poppers, and good music fans that were present. I could have danced all night to Farinaís flawless mixing, but then where would I be today?

Om is coming to a city near you, donít sleep. These sounds aid in the production of vivid, real-world dreams with lavish landscapes all underscored with evocative music. The East Coast Tour:

Friday March 9th Detroit, MI Motor

Saturday March 10th Toronto System Soundbar (w/ West Magnetic)

Thursday March 15th New York Subliminal @ Centro- Fly (w/ Ming & FS)

Friday March 16th Ithaca, NY Odyssey

Saturday March 17th Montreal Sona

Friday March 23rd Atlanta, GA Eleven 50

Saturday March 24th Gainesville, FL Simons

Tuesday March 27th Miami, FL Goddess (w/ Ming & FS, Marques Wyatt, !K7 and more!)

Source: BBQ Digital

Live: Sounds of Om Tour 2001