Live: Weezer Breathes Through The Windy City

The Yahoo Outloud tour finally came to the Windy City, after selling out venues up and down the East Coast. The stage was set in the prom / dance motif, complete with streamers, basketball hoops, bleachers, and a giant disco ball. 4,000 strong were on hand at the Aragon Ballroom to see Weezer, one a night described by one of the roadies as Nerds Night Out. "You told me that you'd always love me", was the chorus for the new tune Weezer took the stage with. A pretty lovely lament which erupted right into "My name is Jonas" = My name is Rock.

Weezer kicked the crowd in the face showering kisses in vein of the Beach Boys with "Hip Hip" sing along choruses for over an hour.
Lots of great tunes were strummed, including jams dating 7 years back from the self titled "blue" album, plus great rock tunes from Pinkerton. A bit of a surprise to Jason Anfinsen's mother, was how this band of thrift store rockers still be so popular without a radio release since '97? It has to be the amazing pop hooks and catchy lyrics. A cover of "Velouria" on the Pixies tribute album "Where is my mind?" in '99 and a taste of things to come in late 2000 on the Christmas EP (2 great gifts). A few live shows under the moniker "Goat Punishment" kept the kids in touch with sounds of the new Weezer in LA this past summer, but nothing could prepare anyone for what is happening with the Yahoo / Outloud tour.

Weezer teased the stellar teenage crowd with future soon to be hits from their forthcoming CD, which will be unveiled later this summer. Hash Pipe, Island in the Sun, and Donít Let Go definitely showed that this Cali crew can still write pop classics, that radio will devour. If you missed Weezer you can download the web cast from their Philly show at Get ready to rock!

Source: Bob Ladewig

Live: Weezer Breathes Through The Windy City