Warner Bros. Melts Goldie

With a spotlight gig at the Winter Music Conference on the horizon, a strange turn of events have come out of the Warner Bros. camp. Goldie, one of the most famous drum ní bass cats (and most memorable gold grill) has been dropped from the label. A source close to the label revealed, "Goldie is one of the biggest names, to be told his services are no longer required. Itís incredible. Senior management thinks there is nothing more they can do for Goldie and nothing more he can do for them."

Some of the hub bub might have to do with the poor record sales for the gold manís last Timless joint, which critics hailed as groundbreaking".

There is no need for fans to cry over this milk, the brash DJ will be re-launching Metalheadz, his personal label which has two upcoming releases. Goldie also has some acting roles to his credit, including a villain in a Bond flick, and a small role in Snatch.

Source: Music 365

Warner Bros. Melts Goldie