Happy, Happy, Happy

You don't necessarily have to be "Happy Happy Happy" when you listen to the third album from Norway's Poor Rich Ones, but it might just help you on your way to getting there. After the initial listen we thought for sure that a female was singing the first track "Twins"-or just some guy who went to the Thom Yorke vocal school. But after looking at the liner notes we found NO CHICKS. Thereís a picture of 4 Norwegian fellas, whose blissful new album was produced by Mark Trombino (Blink-182, Jimmy Eat World, No Knife). The title track, "Happy Happy Happy" is very reminiscent of The Smiths, beautiful in a sappy sappy sappy way. "New Lullaby" is pure musical poetry, whereas "High Flyer" puts a more rockin' and spacier edge to this collection of Doves influenced music.
Very cool sounds come out of this 4-piece, whose album will tug at your heartstrings and fill your head with visions of poppy fields and sunny spring days. A great album to listen to on a warm summer night...are you sure that's not a chick singing?

Poor Rich Ones
Rec 90

Happy, Happy, Happy