Napster Users Just Say No

Shawn Fanning & Co. should be sweating it out this week. OK, forget the fact that he's set for life, and then some, at 20 years old for thinking up and executing Napster. Early numbers are indicating that a good many Napster users are deciding to take their money (that they refused to spend) elsewhere (and refuse to spend it there). According to Matt
Bailey, an analyst for
Webnoize, which tracks the
number of users and files
shared on the file-swapping site, the usage numbers are
about 10 percent lower than
they were before the service
updated its filtering methods last
Wednesday (3/14).

Prior to filtering, Bailey said
Napster was seeing a
user-increase of about 3.5
percent each week. On Monday a spokesperson for Napster acknowledged the
drop but said the file-sharing service's overall user community
ó everyone who has used Napster at least once ó still
exceeds 60 million. Napster could "still base a business on half
of that," the spokesperson said.

Source: MTV online

Napster Users Just Say No