Any Day Now EP

It doesn't rock and it doesn't roll. But it does RULE. Manchester's Elbow enter the
fray with their 2nd single, the hyper rare (out of print the first week) "Any Day Now". Acoustic
guitars rattle about with a syncopated drum beat reminiscent of a mix between the baggy-era
Manchester pop acts of the late '80s/early '90s and a Mo' Wax style trip hop break. Recorded,
Elbow are all melancholy and down tempo jams, but live, as at last week's brilliant South
By Southwest showcase at Stubb's, they are much more dynamic and the quintet explodes into
an heretofore unseen electrified groove act like Manchester forefathers Stone Roses or
Spiritualized. As recent signings to V2, the rest of the US will hopefully be witness to
the live greatness that is Elbow.


Any Day Now EP