Time for my 87th My Vitriol review! Well, not really, but I do review everything they
release, as I am so impressed with it all. This time, they've thrown all their singles together,
mashed on another 12 tracks and called their debut album Finelines. The
aforementioned singles, "Always: Your Way", "Pieces", "Losing Touch", and "Cemented
Shoes" are here in their full glory, with half being rerecorded for extra aural satisfaction. The
same reference points are evident, Foo Fighters' edgy hook laden guitar rock,
Nirvana's quiet/loud dynamics and the white noise shoegazy vibes of My Bloody
Valentine. The album varies from the singles, however, in that there is a 37 second
Korn-athon entitled "C.O.R. (Critic Oriented Rock)" and a winding, meandering
instrumental called "Tongue Tied" reminiscent of Ride's "Grasshopper". This album is
brilliant, through and through, and must be sought out.

My Vitriol