Weezer Pay Homage to Creed?

Either that, or indie favs, Weezer, were totally taking the piss outta Creed at their Hollywood Palladium show on Friday (which is what we tend to believe). The group
worked references to the modern-rock giants into the night's written
setlist. For
example, the group's "Say It Ain't So" was titled "Say It Ain't Creedlicious," and
"Undone (The Sweater Song)" was referred to as "Undone, The Creed B-side."

In fact, each of the 17 songs that Weezer played that night had a Creed
reference in its title. Others included "My Name Is Creedler," "El Creedler
Scorcho," "You Gave Your Creed CD To Me," and "Surf Creed America."

A copy of the complete set list can be viewed at Launch.com. Weezer's third and yet to be titled album, arrives via DCG / Interscope on May 15, and will once again be produced by the Cars' main man Ric Ocasek. Ocasek also produced the group's self-titled debut back in 1994, the band's most popular record to date.

Source: Launch.com

Weezer Pay Homage to Creed?