Monday Express - Slipknot in Airport Fracas, Prodigy/Massive Attack Pairing

Des Moines, IA super clown metallers Slipknot got themselves involved in a bit of a
ruckus last week at the Detroit airport. Lead singer Corey Taylor displeased security
guards by wearing a "Fuck You, I'm Famous" t-shirt, and then refusing to turn it inside out at
their request. The band continued to their gate, at which point guards were swarming
everywhere, on foot and according to Taylor "on those fucking beeping golf cart things"
as well. The band escaped trouble, however, as THE HIGHLY TRAINED SECURITY STAFF
Wow, you gotta love rent-a-cops. And, in true Slipknot fashion, as he was getting on
the plane, Taylor turned around and flashed his shirt at security...

It looks like Prodigy will finally grace us with their presence and release a single this
year after all. The superstar dance/rock act, who thrilled listeners worldwide with their 1997
monster album The Fat Of The Land, have collaborated with trip-hop vanguards
Massive Attack on "No Souvenirs." The track, which was initially due to appear on the
soundtrack to the massive motion picture extravaganza that was "The Beach" was pulled from
that soundtrack and is now due out this summer. Prodigy fans will have to wait until
next year for an proper album, however, as the band are taking their sweet time hammering out
the details.

Source: The Tripwire Information Society

Monday Express - Slipknot in Airport Fracas, Prodigy/Massive Attack Pairing