Metallica Turn Into Action Figures, Pizzicato 5 Disband

The band that doesn't like it's likeness or name being used for much of anything is coming out
with a line of...POSEABLE ACTION FIGURES! YES! Your dreams have all come true!
Metallica action figures are on the way! Remember how many times you've listened to
"Master of Puppets" and wished you had a set of dolls to play with on the corner of your desk?
Well, now you can have those dolls, set in the "...And Justice For All" era, complete with
a lighting and stage set, but you will have to wait until October. Hey, all the news can't be good,
can it?

Japanese swinging pop act Pizzicato Five have sadly announced that they are ceasing to
exist. The retro-art duo, perhaps best known for their song "Twiggy Twiggy," as well as being
Japanese and infatuated with the '60s, will release a greatest hit compilation later this year,
entitled "Pizzicato Five R.I.P. Big Hits & Jet Lags" and are due to play one last concert in
Tokyo on March 31.

Source: The Tripwire Information Society

Metallica Turn Into Action Figures, Pizzicato 5 Disband