At The Drive-In Take Spring Break

Agit-rock afro kings At The Drive-In are taking an leave of absence of indefinite length,
effective immediately. They have cancelled their upcoming US tour, including all radio show
dates, because, according to Afro #1 Omar Rodriguez, "we need time to rest up and
re-evaluate, just to be human beings again and to decide when we feel like playing music
again." The band had been touring and recording incessantly for 6 years, including 3 albums
before their breakout effort Relationship of Command. This is understood to be just a
break, however, and not a full dissolution of the band.

No word, also, as to how the back-burnering of At The Drive-In will affect the two
scheduled side projects. Rodriguez and his brother-in-hirsuteness, Cedric
Bixler have a band called De Facto that has a record due out in the fall, and guitarist
Jim Ward was to record some country tunes with Will Champion and Guy
Berryman, the rhythm section of Coldplay.

Source: Spin

At The Drive-In Take Spring Break