Wednesday Express - Belle & Sebastian, Fatboy Slim, More Napster Battles

Fey Scottish indie popsters Belle & Sebastian are to provide the soundtrack to the
upcoming Todd Solondz film, Storytelling. The band is writing half of the
soundtrack for the film, which stars James Van Der Beek, with the other half being
composed by ex-Shudder To Think man Nathan Larsson. Storytelling
is due out in the fall and follows Solondz's previous work in Welcome To The
and Happiness.

Ever wonder where Fatboy Slim got all those wonderful samples for his boogielicious
jams? You're about to be able to find out. The king of big beat is set to release A Break
From The Norm,
an album comprised of the songs from which many of
Fatboy's hits were culled from. Included are the original tracks that were sampled in "Rockafeller Skank", "Praise You", "Gangsta Trippin'" and more. The album is due out on May 7 in the UK on Gut Records. Sounds like a must have for dance headz and collectors

The US recording industry is MAD at Napster again. The RIAA is claiming that the
newly-fitted filters on Napster are failing to block the transfer of copyrighted material. RIAA
head Hilary Rosen stated, ``There is no effective filtering out of copyrighted works
operating now within Napster. We believe it is willful.'' Napster slung the mud right back,
however, claiming that the RIAA was not abiding by the ruling and fulfilling their half of the
bargain by providing the file names that are to be banned. Where's Susan Powter when
you need her, to STOP THE MADNESS?

Source: The Tripwire Information Society

Wednesday Express - Belle & Sebastian, Fatboy Slim, More Napster Battles