Moby Repents of His Sins

Yesterday (3/29), after reading through his new biography (Moby>Replay by Martin James), the impish DJ with a massive ego logged onto his website,, to offer some reparations for his past behavior. The book points out his tendency throughout his career to be a bit un-Christian and start fights with other musicians. In his statement, he apologizes for antagonizing both Aphex Twin and Orbital and anyone else he may have ever offended, and he also thanks all the people who have supported him.

Moby's complete statement is as follows: "I've just been reading this book called Moby>Replay. It's odd to have one's life
summed up in a few hundred pages by a third-party writer. But I appreciate the
quasi-objective insight into my life and career. And I've realized that I have been
a truly annoying and awful man at times, especially regarding my career. So, to
anyone who might have stuck with me for a little while, thank you, I really
appreciate it. And I'm sorry that I've been so difficult.

Sheesh, what was wrong with me? Why did I have to pick musical fights with
people? I love Aphex Twin and Orbital. Why did I criticize them? I do believe that
every time someone criticizes me now that I'm completely deserving of it, for in
the past I used to be such a jerk. Who knows, maybe I'm still a jerk. Probably. I
should go to J.A. (Jerks Anonymous). Although I guess now that I've outed myself
as a jerk I'm not quite so anonymous. In any case, I apologize for being so
difficult in the past. And I publicly apologize to anyone I might have offended by
being abrasive or critical, or contentious. Yours in contrition, - Moby"

Source: Allstar News

Moby Repents of His Sins