The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most

To be honest, I was a little late to board the Dashboard Confessional fan train - but I'm very glad I got my ticket and am finally riding this emotional locomotive. This is DC's Vagrant debut (Drowning EP on Fiddler records, and Swiss Army Romance on Drive-thru) and it's obvious the years behind guitar strings are working for singer, writer, arranger and man behind Christopher Ender Carrabba.
All songs on this album have seemingly personal lyrics over beautiful acoustic guitar strumming, while being accompanied by Bass and Drums and occasionally a beautifully melodic female voice backing Mr. Carrabba (her name is Jolie Lindholm I'm told). "The Brilliant Dance" sets the tone and the feel for this rollercoaster of emotions.
It's a soft, single guitar song with love lost lyrics.
"Screaming Infidelities" originally appeared sans drums on the "Swiss Army Romance" album (as did "Again I Go Unnoticed") but has since been modified with drums and backing vocals... truly a beautiful song.
"Saints and Sailors" seems to jump out of the field of sad poppies the tracks that surround it create. It has a message of hope, as in - the relationship is just beginning, not - she just walked out on me. upbeat, wishful thinking has never been so teary eyed and happy at the same time. This short 10 song album ends with an uber-sad track called "This Bitter Pill" which is the meaning of the "emo-boy" lifestyle. I think we even hear a little weeping at the end. Overall, this record will twist your heart into knots you never knew were possible, in under half an hour.

Dashboard Confessional

The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most