Fatboy Slim Releases Personal Mixtape

Fatboy Slim, the biggest selling sampling artist next to P Diddy, will praise the victims he hijacked with the release of A Break from the Norm, due out June 5 on Restless records. The 15- track CD will feature dance anthems the fat one stole from artists with original thoughts and talent, composing an anarchist cookbook of sampling so to speak. The audio confessional is basically a personal mix tape from the talented DJ, who is currently on the road promoting Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars.

A Break from the Norm

1. Lulu, "Love Loves to Love Love" ("Santa Cruz")

2. Ellen Mcilwaine, "Higher Ground" ("Song for Lindy")

3. Stik E and the Hoodz, "Shake Watcha Mama Gave You" ("Ya Mama")

4. Bill Withers, "I Can't Write Left-Handed" ("Demons")

5. Yvonne Elliman, "I Can't Explain" ("Going Out of My Head")

6. Doug Lazy, "Let the Rhythm Pump" ("Ya Mama")

7. Dust Junkys, "Beatbox Wash" (Rinse It Remix) ("Gangsta Tripping")

8. Just Brothers, "Sliced Tomatoes" ("The Rockerfeller Skank")

9. Keith Mansfield, "Young Scene" ("Punk to Funk")

10. Andre Williams, "Humpin', Bumpin' and Thumpin'" ("Sho' Nuff")

11. The Olympics, "I'll Do a Bit More" ("Soul Surfing")

12. Leo Muller, "The Acid Test" ("Build It Up -- Tear It Down")

13. The John Barry Seven, "Beat Girl" ("The Rockerfeller Skank")

14. Colosseum, "The Kettle" ("Ya Mama")

15. The James Gang, "Ashes, the Rain and I" ("Right Here, Right Now")

Source: All Star

Fatboy Slim Releases Personal Mixtape