Now, Always & Forever

I bet some of you remember this bunch. More hype involving this band than any other in the
history of recorded time. A name that was meant to cause controversy. A pretty good logo and
graphic appearance. A lead singer who used to write for the NME. An album that was
about one and a half songs deep. A hideous showcase at CMJ in 1999. So why should you
pay attention to Gay Dad now? Because this single is the best work they've ever done.
Lead singer Cliff Jones has slimmed down the lineup (cut loose any deadwood,
perhaps) and has written his best song to date. "Now, Always & Forever" is a blazing pop
comet, all churning guitars and sing-a-long bits, with a perfectly executed intermittent video
game/carnival keyboard line that lodges itself in your brain for days. Too bad all the hype
occurred the first time around; they might actually deserve it this time.

Gay Dad

Now, Always & Forever