Special K

They're baaaack! The gothic imp and his merry band of angst meisters have returned and are in
fine form. UK media darlings Placebo have released the third single off of their third
album, last year's mostly overlooked Black Market Music, which is now being made
available in the States on May 8. "Special K" is quintessential Placebo with edgy, super
punchy guitars paired with frontmidget Brian Molko's recognizable vocal tones, to make
a wonderful indie guitar tune, very reminiscent of tracks like "Every You Every Me" from their
1998 sophomore release. This extended EP, not eligible for the charts in the UK due to its
inclusion of 8 tracks, including remixes by Timo Maas and Brothers In
Rhythm amongst others, as well as a video track, is a must have for any Placebo
fans, as well as anyone else who likes driving UK indie guitar music, not to mention value for


Special K