MTV Enters the File-Selling Fracas

MTV has announced it's entering the deathmatch ring (the second such announcement this week, the first being RealNetwork's Musicnet) to either compete with, or fill the void left by Napster, depending on the outcome of their current legal woes.
The new service, a partnership between MTVi and will make about 10,000 music files available starting later this month through their Internet radio sites, Radio and VHI atWork Radio.

All five of the majorsóBMG Entertainment, EMI,
Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music
Group and Warner Music Groupóare supporting the new service and will offer files to download, said Nicholas Butterworth,
president and CEO of the MTVi Group.
The venture's operators will offer music online for the same price it
is available in stores -- minus the CD jewel boxes and art work. Its advantage to consumers over Napster is that consumers can depend on its quality, operators said.
Music fans who hear a song they like over the Internet radio will immediately be able to click and buy the music.
"We want to make it even easier to get music legally than it is illegally," Butterworth said.


MTV Enters the File-Selling Fracas