Live: Nobody Beats BS2000, Not Even Chicago

No matter how hard you try to beat the dance-o-matic wonder duo of Amery Smith and Adam Horowitz, you can't do it. BS2000 put on their dancing shoes, and electrified the sold out Metro in Chicago, Illinois Thursday night. The goal of the evening was to spread massive amounts of love, and dance your troubles away. Adam and Amery were truly enjoying every piece of music that they played, as if they were 6 year old boys in the backyard sandbox. The 4 piece came out strapped with three keyboards and one silly small drum kit, sporting T-shirts with their respective horoscope signs pasted across their chests. Adam was intent on letting the crowd know that he was a Scorpio while Amery (once the intense drummer for Suicidal Tendencies) was a Leo.

Let it be known that BS2000 is a side project of two cats that enjoy playing fun music, on equipment that they still have not yet mastered. Ad Rock even announced towards the end of the show "We are going to play two more songs and that is it for the night, we honestly don't know how to play anymore." The crew blasted through most of their sophomore effort Simply Mortified (including a cover of a Blondie jam, and two tracks from their vinyl only debut) and from where I was dancing - everyone else in the joint was doing their thing too.

Getting 2,700 plus to dance was not such an easy task. Adam had to pull out all the stops, and really work the crowd of 13 - 18 year old kids who were hoping to hear a note of Intergalactic or Sabotage. A few disgruntled fans even left the show saddened because they thought they were going to see some "real Beastie ass shit."

The songs, as quirky and silly as they may sound, really have some meaning behind them. Ad Rock urged the crowd to read the lyrics on the insert of the CD, as some songs were created around crooked cops, rape, and homophobia. The night was a huge success for something that was probably created while these two artists were just fucking around in the studio one day. The shows have been selling out across the US, and aside from the drunken dudes shouting out obnoxious non-sequitors or the shortness in length of the set, nobody will ever be able to beat BS2000.

Source: Jason Anfinsen

Live: Nobody Beats BS2000, Not Even Chicago