Live: Fugazi Kicks Denver In The Face

Someone in the crowd asked, "why charge $6?" To which Ian Mckaye replied
"Do you feel ripped off? How much did you pay to see The Perfect Storm?"
Fugazi is and always will be the best value in music. Their moral
foundation is as dense as lead, making them the world's only punk band with
price control. The issue with Fugazi tickets is never their price but their
availability. If tickets are on sale buy several. The band will never make
you regret it.

In Denver, Fugazi sold out two nights at the Ogden Theater. This venue's
history is only overshadowed by its problems. The promoter who owns the
Ogden has developed strong enemies in the city government, who all want to
see him on food stamps. The Fire Marshall attends almost every show,
itching to slam the doors in the face of ticket holders for capacity
violations, and the venue's liquor license has more restrictions than
Hitler's Country Club. It's safe to say that to tolerate the Ogden is the
ultimate test of fanhood. This combined with an opening act that skipped
way too many music lessons (Fahrenheit 451), by the second encore attendees
felt like they had earned it.

Fugazi is a band that can make you fall in love with a song you've never
heard before. Their songs range from the entirely familiar, to the totally
obscure for even their most ardent fans. They never hesitate to stump you,
whipping out songs that most bands would never play live, content to call
them "studio hits that just don't translate well to the stage." While this
show was no exception, they did throw down a surplus of familiarity. Though
Waiting Room is probably their most recognized song, I had never seen them
play it until then, along with Bed For the Scraping, and several known songs
from Repeater. It was still far from a "all-hit set list" but it showed a
Fugazi that was "loosening up," and ready to lower their guard slightly, and
take some richly deserved credit. The real beneficiary was the audience who
(though they would never admit it) know every word of Waiting Room, and
secretly hoped they would finally be able to sing it along with the band on

The crowd deserved a good show, and a slightly more relaxed Fugazi

Source: Nerf KTCL / Denver

Live: Fugazi Kicks Denver In The Face