Blow Inhales My Dollars...And I Want More

(Phone rings) "Hi Johnny? Hi this is Jack Meoff from the Oscar committee. We are so sorry for overlooking your work in the past on Edward Scissorhands, Ed Wood, and Donnie Brosco, but we are already getting your statue ready for your exquisite work in BLOW. We are so busy blowing big time actors like Russell Crowe or Tom Hanks, that when a movie of yours normally comes out, we usually just look the other way. Again we apoligize for sucking ass, and promise to consider you for an Oscar this year...maybe. (Hangs up)

Johnny Depp is among three of the coolest actors around (Penn, Oldman) and for this piece he recreates the pitiful life and times of George Jung, who helped amplify the cocaine craze of the late 1970ís / early 80ís along side Pablo Escobar. The movie, which stresses on the strangle hold that one drug has on the world, was surprisingly funny thanks to wonderful work turned in by Paul Reubens (Pee Wee) who plays Derrick For Real, the west coast connection that introduced George Jung to the game. Bobcat has a minor role; Ray Liotta actually strays from his stereotypical "awful" character of "yelling bad actor" while Penelope Cruz plays a coked out loony toon wife, rounding out this amazing cast.

Depp, slurring a mock Humphrey Bogart accent throughout the picture, wears his the George Jung character like a coat. Depp is an extraordinary character actor, who is so believable, you feel guilty at the end of the movie after you realize that he was only acting. The movie is much more than the typical drug movie, where as in this vehicle, Deppís character continues a relationship with his father, the man who taught him everything. Throughout the turbulent times of Jung, he looks to his good oleí pop for sanctuary, and tries to pass on his love to his daughter (who in real life has not seen her father since her early days).

The flashback footage and the grain that was used was a delight, and James King as the grown up daughter was beyond beautiful. If anything this movie was a plea to Jung's daughter to visit him in jail, where he will stay until he is eligable for parole in 2015. This was an excellent movie, even though George Jung without question, was the worst drug dealer EVER in the history of bad dealers. It clocks it over 2 hours, but you will love every minute of it. The music, gear, and enormous loads of ganja and cocaine are pretty to look at as well. Mmmmm drugs.

Source: Jason Anfinsen

Blow Inhales My Dollars...And I Want More