Incubus Busy Little Bees

Cali rockers Incubus have finished recording their next album in Malibu. The band,
who will feature on Moby's Area: One tour this summer and who currently have a
modern rock smash with "Drive" have characterized the album as, "Engelbert
Humperdinck meets Johnny Mathis meets Julio Iglesias,with a little splash
of Enrique, with just the slightest hint of Slayer," according to guitarist
Mike Einziger. Singer Brandon Boyd concurs, at least on the Slayer
part: "It's the heaviest riffs that we've ever had, coupled with the most pleasing melodic aspects
as well, (but) it's not like heavy, mindless heavy."

The album was produced by Scott
Litt but Epic Records has not as of yet set a release date. The band will keep themselves
busy in the meantime with the Area: One tour, as well as in Las Vegas at Tiger Woods' benefit extravaganza entitled Tiger Jam IV on April 28 and the Rolling Rock Town Fair in
August, joining other luminaries such as Stone Temple Pilots, Deftones,
Live, Oleander and Staind. Those green bottle guys sure know how to RAWK.

Source: Sonicnet

Incubus Busy Little Bees