Live: Q And Not U Killed and Beep Beeped Chicago's Fireside Bowl

In a nutshell: the band was late to arrive and set up, seconds into the first song a guitarstring broke, we just sat through a horrible amateur act, only 5 songs were played, one of them was new, and Q And Not U were still fucking incredible. Chicagoís Fireside Bowl is an old bowling alley that caters to all ages shows "for the kids", and is probably oozing with enough asbestos to kill an elephant. The stage is small enough for kids to help out and pick up microphone stands, video tape the bands, and creates an extremely intimate showgram. This kind of venue offers a refreshing vibe, reminiscent of the good old punk shows I used to attend, without all of the "Iím on the list" garbage my mouth seems to spew endlessly these days.

Q and Not U released No Kill No Beep Beep in October of 2000 on Ian MacKayeís Dischord label, which went virtually unnoticed by most heads. The 4 piece DC outfit have all of the wonderful composites of Fugaziís post hardcore / punk ass little brother. An amazing singer/ guitarist, another guitarist who doesnít quite sing as much as makes noises and beeps, the bass player who screams and wails into thin air, and the funky drummer who is probably still drumming his dangerous skins.

The band immediately ripped into A Line In The Sand and this crowd feared for their lives. I along with the Danger Posse of Bob Ladewig and Cute Sarah, were tickled when we accompanied the band on numerous handclaps during "sand". The energetic boys then slid into the sweet sounds of y plus white girl, a melodic lovely that made the crowd think it was ok to feed these bears (the sign clearly said DO NOT FEED THE BEARS). A new song startled the Danger Posse and myself, and we later found out that it might appear on a 7" for Sub Popís Singles Club. Little Sparklee was next followed by the unexpectedly short closer ñ Hooray for Humans, which includes the crowd favorite cheer that is sure to take over the world ñ D-O-W-N AND THATíS THE WAY WE GET DOWN!

This band is continuing to tour across the country, and if you love Fugazi, Drive Like Jehu, Jawbox, Ordination Of Aaron, Bad Brains, or any good music at all ñ you will go see this band. They are nice as apple pie on the outside, but just like Over The Top, when they flip their baseball caps around ñ watch out!

Source: Jason Anfinsen

Live: Q And Not U Killed and Beep Beeped Chicago's Fireside Bowl