Live - Roller Coasters, Creeper Lagoon, New Found Glory & Live 105

Live 105 had it's first annual Spring Break Explosion yesterday and for some added spice,
decided to hold it at Six Flags Marine World in the scenic city of Vallejo, CA. Roller coasters,
animal shows, white trash food and Creeper Lagoon and New Found Glory.
What else could anyone ask for? Well, proper weather would have been nice. It was cold and
blustery for most of the day, but nothing a few beers couldn't help to remedy. The first band on
the bill was The Flames, a local act featuring Live personality Mike "DJ With No
Name" Nelson on drums, which can only be described as Rocky Horror Punk Show. They
played punk tunes, with a lead singer in major face make up, with white base and black around
the eyes and mouth, and two female back up singers with a Rocky Horror vibe as well. The
band normally sets everything on fire at the end of the gig (hence the name), but with this show
being at a "family park" that part of the show had to be omitted.

Local boys-via-Cincinnati Creeper Lagoon took the stage at about 3 PM, right after I
got off a ride on Medusa, some crazy ass roller coaster that's super fun when you're 16 and
kinda not as much fun when you're closer to double that. However, Sharky and the
boys quickly helped me regain my senses, as they crashed through an hour long set of favorites
from Take Back The Universe And Give Me Yesterday (out next week), as well as a few
older tracks sprinkled in for good measure. The band bantered with the primarily 15-19 year
old crowd, keeping them interested in between songs. On stage in an hour were emo up
and comers New Found Glory, so I had time to walk through the shark and walrus
exhibits, as well as hit another coaster or two. The one nice thing about this fiesta being held at
a theme park, was that whenever a band wasn't playing, you could ride rides, see animal shows,
or just walk around checking out the casualties that make up 90% of the US population. Jesus,
if this is the future of America, I'm moving sooner rather than later. I stumbled through the
confusion that is mall culture and arrived back just in time to see the New Found kids
hit the stage to a now packed pavilion. They rocked, they talked, they brought the house down.
The crowd just ate them up, singing along to songs, crowd surfing, and jumping on stage to sing
a few lines of songs. The good natured band allowed all of this, just running around the stage
avoiding the invaders, but having a good time all the while. I have to admit that seeing a crowd
of 15 year olds sing along to Peter Cetera's "Glory of Love" while not knowing it was a
cover was humorous, indeed. The only detraction from their set was the white trash
mustache-rocking security staff, who were being full on mall cop nazis and taking every person
who stage dove or crowd surfed outside and lecturing them. These guys need to get out more...

Source: Jeremy P. Goldstein

Live - Roller Coasters, Creeper Lagoon, New Found Glory & Live 105