Eddie Vedder Joins Ben Harper On Stage

Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder has been in Australia doing a series of shows with ex-Crowded House lead Neil Finn, but was able to find the time to make a surprise guest appearance on Wednesday at good friend Ben Harper's gig, much to the delight of the intimate crowd of ticket winners in attendance. They performed Pearl Jam's song Indifference and then Vedder jumped down and hung out with the crowd for the rest of the evening.

In other Pearl Jam news, the band is releasing a concert DVD next month entitled On The Road Again.

The tracklisting is as follows:

1. "Long Road" Phoenix, AZ

2. "Corduroy" Washington, DC
3. "Grievance" Houston, TX
4. "Animal" San Bernardino, CA
5. "Gods' Dice" San Francisco, CA
6. "Evacuation" Tampa, FL
7. "Given To Fly" St. Louis, MO
8. "Dissident" E. Troy, WI
9. "Nothing As It Seems" Seattle, WA
10. "Even Flow "Philadelphia, PA
11. "Lukin" Los Angeles, CA
12. "Not For You" Los Angeles, CA
13. "Daughter/It's OK" Jones Beach, NY

14. Untitled Las Vegas, NV
15. "MFC" Las Vegas, NV
16. "Thin Air" Phoenix, AZ

17. "Leatherman" Seattle, WA
18. "Better Man" Seattle, WA |
19. "Nothingman" Seattle, WA

20. "Insignificance" San Francisco, CA
21. "I Got Shit" Montreal, Canada
22. "Rearviewmirror" Seattle, WA
23. "Wishlist" Memphis, TN

24. "Jeremy" San Diego, CA
25. "Do The Evolution" San Bernardino, CA
26. "Go" Boise, ID
27. "Parting Ways" Lubbock, TX

28. "Rockin' In The Free World" Albuquerque, NM

Source: Undercover.com

Eddie Vedder Joins Ben Harper On Stage