Live: Perfecto Spectacle Witnessed In Chicago

The Perfecto North American Tour rolled through Chicagoís Aragon Ballroom, Friday April 13th, in full form. Featuring the talents of the legendary Paul Oakenfold (Perfecto Records), and D:Fuse (Moonshine Records), the trance orbit was put into formation and cycled through the night. Thanks are due to Evan Cerasoli at Moonshine Records for getting this beat-thirsty kid into the event hassle free. Setting up shop at 9:30, progressive trance DJ D:Fuse was stormed the stage, sporting a white cowboy hat, D:Fuse bumped to the rhythms he created with an uncanny vigor.

Hailing from Austin, Texas, D:Fuse is one of the major reasons that the Texas dance scene is where itís at today. Dark ethereal rhythms with an otherworldly quality to them: Build-ups, Breaks, Thumps, Come Back Downs , and then back again all blended perfectly for an hour and a half set. Itís possible that he even threw "You Got It" into his set, a song that has heralded attention from Seb Fontaineís Radio One Essential Mix to the UKís prestigious "Muzik" magazine and more. I was busy trying every way that I could to gain entrance to the VIP section so that I could possibly lay down some interviews for the Tripwire. Unfortunately, security denied my access.

Oakenfold entered the stage with an echo burst of cheers and whistles. Thereís a reason why Paul holds a record in the book of Guinness for being the worldís most successful club DJ. Peppered with classicís, like Ascensionís "Someone" and Transaís "Enervate", Oakenfoldís mix did what he is famous for. Grabbing large audiences ñ presenting a journey unique unto itself ñ and taking you to your destination all in one set. Paulís set was emotional, melodic, atmospheric, uplifting and ethereal music that contained the essence of various different genres of dance music; house, trance, and progressive.

After Oakeyís fantastic set, the lights came on and the crowd spilled into the streets in front of the Aragon Ballroom. The destination of many of the club-goers was probably the Crobar, where D:Fuse would be manning the decks for some late night mixing, or the Metro, where Paul Oakenfold would be chartering another journey. This tuckered out kid was on his way home, soon to be dreaming with a beat and a landscape in his head.

Source: BBQ Digital

Live: Perfecto Spectacle Witnessed In Chicago