Plug In Baby

What a jam this is. Devon, England's brightest shining stars, Muse release their first
work in two years and it was worth the wait. After releasing their brilliant debut, Showbiz
in 1999 to much fanfare in the UK, but barely a ripple over here, Muse has spent most
of the past year touring the UK, Europe and Japan, where they have become quite big in
alternative circles. "Plug In Baby" takes off where parts of Showbiz left off, especially
the heavier tracks like "Sunburn", "Fillip" or "Sober". The track is a whirlwind, a maelstrom of
guitar and driving bass, with loony frontman Matt Bellamy's Thom
Yorke-esque vocals rising above the turmoil, occasionally reaching his trademark falsetto.
With the success of Radiohead influenced acts like Travis and
Coldplay since the release of Showbiz, then it's only fitting that this should be
Muse's time in the sun.


Plug In Baby