U2 Told To Foot The Bill For Concert

Apparently, being international superstars and self-described "best rock band in the world" doesn't always get you everything you want. U2 recently found this out when told they would have to cough up the cash if they add a second show at Slane Castle in Ireland this summer for the cost of medical services, policing of the event, and even clean up of the huge mess that will inevitably be left by the 80,000+ attending. It appears, however, that the band has not been
put off too much by the unexpected expense as the planning permission for a second show on Sept. 1 (a week after the first show) has been applied for.

New government legislation introduced this week also means the group and promoters MCD may be liable for the cost to repair any damage to property by fans in the County Meath venue. The government has taken
the new hardline stance after a report by doctors in the Irish Medical
Journal last month which revealed that Irish taxpayers had to fork out
nearly 40,000 pounds to pay for the treatment of drunken, drugged or injured fans when Robbie Williams headlined Slane in 1999.

Source: Worldpop.com

U2 Told To Foot The Bill For Concert