Seven Days In The Sun

How did Feeder's 1999 album Yesterday Went Too Soon never see the light of
day in the US? With its combination of punchy guitar lines and the vocals of pretty boy
frontman Grant Nicholas this band seemed destined for US radio success, only to see the
New Wave of Metal take over the airwaves and deny Feeder their birthright. It seems
the boys of Welsh descent warrant a second chance, based on the strength of their two most
recent singles, the excellent "Buck Rogers" and now "Seven Days In The Sun." It's more of the
same from the Feeder song generation factory, buzzsaw guitars and sing along choruses
that crash in with the urgency of a flash flood. If there is any justice in this world, this
Feeder record will find its way on to a US label and they'll finally get the exposure they


Seven Days In The Sun