Alanis Leaving Maverick?

The rumor around big one-minute, struggling to get back into the game campfire is that Alanis Morissette might be jumping her Maverick ship. The Canadian singer who has spent 7 years and two records with the label Madonna founded, might want to jump ship as she is involved in litigation with the company, although according to the New York Daily News no suit has been filed. Morissette, the artistís activist, recently spoke in D.C. on artistsí rights, the record biz, and the digital downloading revolution and itís affects on musicians.

"The exciting part of it as an artist is the immediacy, the direct connection that I'll be able to have and I'm already able to have with people who are listening to the music, creating a sense of community in a way that I'd never been able to do through traditional means," she said. "Their being able to--and my being able to for that matter--choose exactly when something is to be heard, exactly what it is, and be able to immediately have that be at my fingertips, whatever song it may be, whatever artist, whatever record, whatever era."

Although there is nothing more to report on this story, we do want everyone to know that we remember Alanis from You Canít Do That On Television, and still think that she slept with both Alasdar and Barth.

Source: Launch

Alanis Leaving Maverick?