Live: The Independents / Misfits Rock NYC for Joey

This was a big night. This was the start of the 25th anniversary tour of The Misfits, this was New York City...this was the day after a NY punk legend was laid to rest. A lot was at stake, everyone needed a release - and on this night - the horror/punk ska band THE INDEPENDENTS were on the bill. There were 3 bands before the Misfits - The Independents were 2nd. This was the biggest stage I had ever seen them on and they used every inch. From the opening note of "Little Blue" through the dark smoke and white lights to the
very end of their short but yet effective 20 minute set - they rocked the
Roseland Ballroom like they were the headliners.

Skulls were everywhere - on the amps , on the drum risers , on the banners on
the walls and on top of the amps. 80% of the people in the crowd had makeup
and skeleton paraphernalia on while the other 20% had very little on. The
Independents were tight and held it together through their hits from their
latest release, BACK FROM THE GRAVE. From the crowd pleasing "Insane" to last year's radio friendly "Death Notice" to the punk classic "Flesheater",
this set was tight and visually powerful as Evil Presley and the band took
over the ballroom and rocked all the wanna be skeletons 6ft under where they
came from. For the finale , Evil looked up and simply said , "This is for you
Joey" and broke into an absolute roaring frenzy with a cover of The Ramones
classic, "Blitzkrieg Bop." An absolute riot broke out as a complete mosh
banged up the entire floor and yours truly who had a beer in hand was forced
to not walk, but run out of the way as the entire floor was celebrating in
this frenzy. I was actually pushed back in the mosh before getting to the
side. The cover of this classic delivered in everyway and reinforced the
impact of the great legend.

After the set , I was on my way backstage when I
passed by 2 kids who were saying 'that was great." I screamed at them and
said - "That's right guys - don' t you ever forget Joey !" When I was
backstage with Evil and after we both shared tears over the fact that this
was the first Independents gig without Joey - we talked about the upcoming
tour and the upcoming MISFITS dates and the FALL tour with THE QUEERS. Things
are good - we said - and Joey will always be here to keep us on our toes.

I stayed to see Jerry Only and Doyle play the first 4 songs - and sure they
rocked it - "Teenagers From Mars" and "Hybrid" rocked the joint after Jerry
paid tribute to Joey and what he meant to music and what he meant to NY and
how he would do anything for anyone - and how he was excited for this
particular show.

Well - Joey was in the room and The Independents made sure he had a good seat. Don't miss this bill, Chicago on 4/29 and LA House of Blues on 5/5!!!

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Source: Drew Goldberg

Live: The Independents / Misfits Rock NYC for Joey