Behind The Book: The Alice in Chains Story

There's a new book released this week detailing all the juicy highs and lows of grungers Alice in Chains, from the perspective of the band's bassist, Mike Starr (thank God! Someone finally tapping into the public's need to know what the bassist was doing). John Brandon, the author of Unchained...The Story Of Mike Starr And His Rise And Fall In Alice In Chains, calls it "the compelling story of Mike Starr's roller-coaster ride that packed more thrills and
experiences into a few years than most people could have in 10 lifetimes."

If that doesnít grab you the book also explores, ìThe
early poverty, the music, the fame, the women, the
fans, the dangerous drug addictions, and the
unfortunate decline. The story is told by Mike Starr, his
family, and several of his close friends. It includes
exclusive stories about: Sean Kinney, Layne Staley,
Jerry Cantrell, Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, Nirvana,
Pauly Shore, Matt Dillon, Van Halen, Pearl Jam, and
Evel Knievel. It explores the question, ëHow likely is
Alice In Chains to make a comeback?íî

For more info, check out the website,, set up by the publisher Xanadu Enterprises of Iowa.


Behind The Book: The Alice in Chains Story